Services offered by Locuston

As sales agents, we extend to our partners and customers a series of services successfully implemented in our regular trade that can improve the structure and sustainability of the business.

Current sales

Sales and post-sales follow-up from sales offices located in Brazil, Uruguay, the United States and the United Arab Emirates. We are focused on market prospecting and expansion of our customer base, in addition to successful deals and quality control of sales process for continuous service improvement.

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Quality control

We make inspections to ensure high-quality processes for imports and exports of fruits, vegetables and derivatives, and we prepare detailed reports. The aim of this service is to control our quality standard, reinforcing the producers’ consolidated image of excellence and avoiding financial losses.

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Assistance with customs clearance

Verification and approval of documentation for pre-customs clearance. In this step, we take into account all requirements established by the importing countries’ current legislation for imports and exports. It helps to streamline the procedures for clearing and forwarding cargo; in addition, it prevents customers from facing penalties and incurring losses.

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Integrated IT system

Instant tracking for quality control of arrival, documentation, container handling and payment confirmations. Online access to the platform enables readiness and greater efficiency in process management.

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Weekly journals

Search and compilation of a series of information about trends, production and sales volumes and critical market conditions, such as crop shortages, strikes and sudden and/or unexpected sales volumes. This data is organized in weekly sectoral publications to update and support customers in decision making.

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